YouTube Video: Family Pet Cat Hero Saves & Protects Little Boy from Dog Attack

~~~>Never underestimate the strength of a cat or the ability to know when something is not right! For all those who believe that cats don’t care or protect their human counterparts this is proof that you are so wrong! To most people who think cats are dumb and useless or even ‘cannot be trained’ please make sure to watch this YouTube video…<~~~

This amazing cat came to a little 4 year old boys rescue after he was being attacked by a dog in the yard of his home in Bakersfield California! The dog seemed to attack for no particular reason seen as it was not provoked nor was the boy crossing the dogs path! In fact he was only riding his bike in his own yard minding his own business. Video proof was a result of security cameras; which clearly showed what happened. Later you will see that the mom comes into to the picture after hearing her sons cries while being dragged by the dog wasn’t entirely sure that Tara the Little Boys Pet Cat had clearly chased away the dog until she saw the tapes. The little boy is doing fine but it could of been worse if it wasn’t for the brave and determined cat!

Tara the cat I’m sure always a hero to the little boy Jeremy, whom she protected and saved from the neighbors dog is now being called a true hero and the most awesome cat in the world! Understandably so! I believe this cat is the family guardian :) This story is touching and warms my heart <3. I am happy to see proof of this guard cat who stood up for its owner(s) and awesome to see that she has clearly taken a stand for the non-believers in cats as well! Paws up to this cat and all our amazing feline friends! >^,,^<

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Cats Hairball Remedies & Solutions

Hairball Cat

Help with Hairballs For Your Kitty Cats >^..^<

As a Cat owner especially, have you ever asked yourself why do cats have hairballs? I have! I believe that hair is hard to digest and since they clean themselves they must eat a fair amount! My cats have vomited many many hairballs over the years. I have also cleaned up tons of hairballs all by myself because my mom, followed by my husband and kids refused to touch the hairballs even with paper towels in hand! Does any of this sound familiar? Anyway, here are a few hairball remedies for cats to put into practice:

Cat Grooming1. Grooming often is important to help prevent hairballs. Be sure to help your cat by brushing and de-shedding them regularly. A good way to pick up loose hairs from the cat is to use a clean cloth, or pet safe wipes especially after you have combed the cat to pick up the loose hairs created from the grooming. Sometimes you will notice that hairballs are more frequent surprisingly in some shorter haired cats that shed more often or during changes in the season when they require less fur.

2. Keep your kitty cats hydrated! Another important hairball remedy is water! You need to make sure you are giving your cat new fresh water everyday! The other important thing is to make sure that what the cat drinks out of is clean. I suggest cleaning the water bowl daily by scrubbing with very hot water to keep from getting bacteria growth in it. Sometimes after water sits it gets a scum in the bowl or container, plus hair sometimes ends up in their water bowls; if it is not removed that would not make the water fresh nor clean! Water is a vital part of the cat's digestive system. To maximize your cat's water consumption, you could supply the water in such a way that your cat prefers. Such as, a drinking fountain or a pool of water. The drinking fountain simulates running water; where as a pool of water is just that...a pool of water. I have had both cats that have preferred the pool of water method and also drinking from the running tap [that is if you let them on the counters ;)]. Continue reading