The Truth About Cat Food

It is important that you pay attention to your cats nutrition & what you are feeding them in order to obtain optimum health! Nowadays it’s a concern what is put in commercial made or regularly store bought packaged foods! Have you ever checked the ingredients on canned wet food or dry food? For example a lot of food has fillers or ‘meat by products’ or only flavoured foods not actually ‘Real’ meats or fish or gravy & broths! Not to mention that sometimes the fillers used are high in corn or grains which can be hard for your pet to digest which can possibly lead to future health problems! The common solution is to opt for the most Natural Foods available or to make your own cat food at home! Keeping in mind that kitty cats are sensitive to certain ingredients or foods when doing so!
These ingredients should not be given to cats:
Raw egg-whites
Corn or wheat gluten
Dairy Such as Cows Milk/Cheese (in access) *Cats are actually lactose intolerant*
All artificial dyes, sweeteners, preservatives and chemicals

What needs to be in your Cats food to make a balanced & nutritious meal:

Animal Protein as the main ingredient since felines require animal protein for survival
Animal Fats (Kittens require 35% Adult Cats 30%)
Vitamins & Minerals (supplements provided by pet store or vet)
Water (Wet food is best for easy digestion so food should contain 10-30% water)
Carbohydrates (cats require less then dogs so only about 10% should be carbs)

Especially if you are unable to find or get to the store to get the best food There is a very good affordable option to make sure you are able to get the best for your feline and that is to stock up on specifically made for your cat natural pet food including raw meat! You will love the variety, prices & quality Check them out here:
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